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Wolfgang Berger, viperfisch.deWolfgang Berger, viperfisch.deWolfgang Berger, viperfisch.deWolfgang Berger, viperfisch.deWolfgang Berger, viperfisch.de

A musical treat

An ideal playground for me is an event for which “a little” live music is needed, more precisely: one or two 30-45 minute sets, maybe more if the audience responses well. And all this without a lot of amplifiers, loudspeakers etc.


My acoustic guitar or my stage piano will be with me, together with a little box which amplifies my voice and instrument so that everybody can hear me and my playing. “In your living room” things also work well without an amplifier. For my amplifier I would need an ordinary receptable within reach.


Have you seen my repertoire? There is everything from the good old Beatles to Robbie Williams, from my hero Elvis Costello to the more light-weight German “Schlager”.


Where people have witnessed me performing? At birtday celebrations of relatives and colleagues, in pubs and piano bars in which I - being a guest on holiday - was allowed to add a little variety. Until late at night, occasionally.

Demo recordings

I wrote a couple of songs which you can hear on my YouTube Channel. On request, I can grant temporary access to demo videos of cover songs.

YouTube videos

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